Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bederken dungeon - free printable tiles

Here is a quick present to all you old school fans.  A free printable dungeon floor plan tile set!

Unlike most sets which are based around 1 inch scale, this set uses a more sensible 30mm scale squares- which means dynamically posed miniatures have more room to breathe and you can use modern 30mm lipped based miniatures on it.  So less mini contact.

Images are printable at A4 size.  You should be able to get a 6x6 square and a 6 x 2 tunnel out of each page.  This means modular L, T and X sections are a snap.  I use Kwik Grip spray glue to mount them on foam core for home dungeons, and thick card for portable ones- then just run a thick black marker around the edge for a spiffy result.  A quick spritz of matte sealer is not a bad idea for protecting the surface too.

Dungeon sheet 1 (plain stone)
Dungeon sheet 2 (soft checks)
Dungeon sheet 3 (Bloody, Filthy)
Dungeon sheet 4 (mossy)
Dungeon sheet 5 (very mossy)
Dungeon sheet 6 (Mossy, Leaf debris)

NEW!  Just added stairs...

Dungeon sheet 6 (stair cases and spiral stairs)

Go forth and dungeon bash.


Slorm said...

Thanks a lot!

Very high quality!

quidamcorvus said...

Great stuff! Thx :)

Anatoli said...

Thanks, it looks great!

Senyor Verd said...

Thanks a lot!

Killer Power said...

Thanks man! These will come in handy!

Theodor said...

That' great! Thanks man!